Checking & Toning Breast Care Ritual

using our 'Botanical Breast Balm'

With an increasing number of women being diagnosed with breast cancer, we wanted to create a product to encourage regular breast checks and to help detect any abnormalities as early as possible. Additionally, the act of self-massage tones the delicate skin of the chest, speeds up healing, aids lymphatic drainage, reduces the appearance of scars and acts as a therapeutic ritual to calm the mind and body.

The unique blend of oils have been carefully chosen for their healing and therapeutic properties, from Arnica to reduce bruising, Rosehip oil to help with scarring, Vitamins A & E promote healthy skin tissue, and tumour-fighting essential oils such as Frankincense and Blood Orange. It also feels and smells amazing, so checking your breasts becomes a pleasure and not a chore! This ritual is particularly enjoyable after using our Black Bar Soap and Coco Cocoon bath soak.

5 Easy steps to checking your breasts 

1. Scoop out a small amount of balm with your fingers.

2. Allow it to melt and rub your hands together, inhaling its uplifting and calming aromatherapeutic scent.

3. Massage the oil over the left breast. With the flat palm of your right hand move slowly and methodically over the breast, applying slightly stronger pressure to feel for lumps or thickening of breast tissue with your fingertips. Follow a pattern or direction that you can easily remember each time.

4. Make sure you check for lumps in your armpits and around your neck and collarbones too.

5. End with long sweeping movements from the breast to the armpit and down from the neck, to help with lymphatic drainage and to tone.

If required, use the balm to massage any surgical scars with your fingertips, making sure to move across the scar in different directions to speed up the healing process. Repeat process with the left hand over the right breast. Take time to get to know your breasts and body so that you may notice any changes.