Here we try to cover all general queries to help give you more information about our products – from creation to delivery & usage! If there you have a query that isn’t answered here – please get in touch by emailing

Yes, we pride ourselves on producing 100% natural, plant based, luxury skincare. We never use parabens, SLS, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances or colorants – or indeed any other nasties you really don’t need on your skin. Most of our raw ingredients are food grade. We never use fillers or GM ingredients so all our skincare is highly concentrated, full of active ingredients and a little goes a long way. Wherever possible we source and use organic ingredients and we are always working on increasing the amount we use.

Your skin is your largest organ, and your body absorbs 60% of what goes on to our skin. Often we put things on our skin that we would never dream about eating or drinking. Standard skin and homecare products are often made in large quantities and contain a significant amount of preservatives and un-natural ingredients.

All our products are vegan except for the Tranquility Balm + Lip Butter Balm which both contain a small amount of organic beeswax.

We make all our products by hand at our workshop in South London. We do not make large bulk batches of our products as they are natural and are best used when freshly made. We do not make large stock quantities and often make products fresh to order. Please allow for 1-2 days for us to hand make your order.

We recommend using our products within 6 months however we have conducted extensive tests and most of our products will last well over 12 months if correctly stored. It is best to keep them in a cool, dark place away from direct heat and sunlight (a bathroom cabinet is ideal). We only use natural preservatives.

Where possible we use only recyclable, compostable or up-cyclable materials. Our postal packaging is made from biodegradable substances (no nasty polystyrene chips or bubble wrap!) and our Ritual Box filler is made from recycled paper. Our glass jars can be upcycled or recycled - just remove the lids and labels. Please recycle your Villiers packaging once finished.

With natural ingredients and no chemical preservatives our skincare looks very different from a commercial product. We think this is a good thing, a bit like the unusual shaped vegetable at the supermarket! Temperature changes can affect the consistency of some of our products. We try very hard to maintain consistency whilst making our products but due to their handmade nature you may experience slight variations in texture and colour between batches. This will not affect the product in any way and we carefully check every item before dispatch. If you have any concerns please do email us at

We believe that natural is (almost) always best but you should consult a doctor if you are pregnant or breast-feeding before using our products.

We make our products with sensitive and reactive skins in mind. However please do a patch test on your skin if you are concerned.

Please always do a patch test first if you have sensitive or reactive skin. Mild tingling due to the active ingredients is normal, however if this continues or become more severe please discontinue use immediately, wash the skin with cool water and contact us at

No! We would never test anything on animals, and neither do the suppliers of our raw materials. We only test our products on ourselves and any willing volunteers!

Cancellation Policy

Minimum 24 hours notice of cancellation required. We are a small company and we appreciate you letting us know as soon as you can if you need to cancel an order. You can notify us via email and we’ll confirm the cancellation.


Due to the nature of our natural skincare products, refunds or exchanges are not permitted. If you would like to discuss this please contact the customer service team at

I would like to contact you regarding a wholesale enquiry:

Great! We would love to hear from you. Please email us at:

If I have any further questions or want to give feedback how should I do this?

We love receiving emails and feedback from our customers so please do contact us at