Soothing & Meditative Massage Ritual

using our 'Hand & Foot' Balm

Regular hand and foot massage is proven to have real health benefits beyond just being a relaxation tool and a way to moisturise your skin. Firm massage helps to increase blood circulation throughout the area, filling your nerve endings, joints and muscles with vital stimulation. By focussing on each finger, toe, wrist and ankle you are working to release built up tension, remove toxins and stimulate healthy tissue regeneration. 

A daily foot and hand massage needn’t take a long time and can easily be done for a few minutes before you get into bed. Incorporating this into your daily ritual of wellness and self-care can help you to develop healthy sleeping patterns, and enable you to relax and release anxiety more effectively.

a rich and nourishing hand and foot cream that soothes and heals
a rich and nourishing hand and foot cream that soothes and heals
repairs dry chapped hands and crack heels
an award winning hand and foot cream
this hand and foot cream has won multiple awards
award winning hand and foot cream

Follow our 5 simple steps for a heavenly hand & foot massage 

1. Sit in a comfortable position. Using your palm stroke your forearm from the wrist to the elbow and back again on both sides, extending to your shoulder if you want to. If you want to, you can extend the stroking to your shoulder. Do this at least three times on both sides of your forearm. The idea here is to warm and relax your muscles. The same thing can be done for feet, by stroking from your ankle in an upwards motion to your knee.

2. Cup your hand around your forearm with your thumb underneath. Gently squeeze your forearm starting at the wrist, and work slowly up to the elbow and back down again. Do this on both sides of the forearm at least three times using moderate pressure. For feet, place both hands around the ankle and squeeze gently up and down the leg from ankle to knee.

3. Take a fingertip amount of the Hand + Foot Balm and dot it across each finger or toe on the joint, and then once on the top of each hand or foot.

4. Use your thumb and forefinger, gently massage the balm into each joint in a firm, circular motion, working from the base of the finger or toe to the tip as well as massaging between the fingers and toes. Then massage the balm into the top of the hand or foot, again using firm circular motions.

5. Using thumb and forefinger, massage the wrist and ankle, using firm pressure moving from the wrist/ankle out to the tips of the fingers or toes.  Gently squeeze the foot or hand afterwards to end the massage.

Use only natural creams to keep your skin healthy & reduce absorption of chemicals into your body 

Our award winning, soft, lightly whipped Hand + Foot Balm will combat very dry skin, condition the nails and provide long-lasting moisture. This cream is quickly absorbed and is non-greasy which makes it perfect to use when doing the hand & foot massage,

Made from natural ingredients designed to give deep moisturisation, this cream will  repair cracked heels and soothe dry, chapped hands. It is especially effective as an overnight treatment for very dry skin and softening callouses.

Highly concentrated, a little goes a long way!