Candlelit Breathing & Meditation Ritual

using our Scented Soy Candles

Regular meditation helps to calm and focus the mind and reduce stress levels in the body. Morning meditation can help to set intentions for the day and improve clarity in areas where you need to focus. Evening meditation is a good way to process the day's events and clear the mind in preparation for a restful night's sleep. 

A daily meditation routine needn’t take a long time and can easily be done for a few minutes before you get into bed or before you start your day.  Using a candle whilst you meditate helps to keep your mind from wandering, gives a soft focus for your eyes and is deeply soothing.

Follow our 5 simple steps for a daily meditation routine 

1. Set the scene for relaxation - lower the lights, light a candle, keep warm and switch on our Spotify "Meditating & Soothing" playlist.
2. Get in to a comfortable seated position resting your hands on your thighs. Ensure you are sitting upright and can expand your lungs freely without constriction.
3. Gazing into the candle flame, inhale deeply through the nose filling the belly, then chest and exhale slowly out through the mouth. Repeat this step 5 times slowly.
4. Next try closing your eyes and using the imprint of the candle flame in your mind's eye as a focal point, breathe in as deeply as possible for the count of 5. Hold your breath momentarily and release fully for a count of 5. Hold your breath until you feel the need to breathe in again. Repeat this step 5 times.
5. Rub the palms of the hands together vigorously for 5 seconds and cup over eyes. Breathe in deeply and feel the warmth and energy they impart. Blink the eyes open and gradually let the light trickle back in through the fingers.

Enjoy the calm, relaxed state you will be in afterwards. Feel free to meditate or sip some herbal tea and enjoy the comfort of the flickering candlelight.