Skin Clearing & Calming Ritual

using our 'Light Facial Crème'

Most teens will experience changes in their skin. Thanks to hormonal fluctuations skin can become sensitive, oilier and more acne-prone and this can be distressing and confusing.

Breakouts occur when the skin barrier is disrupted most often by poor cleansing or not enough moisturiser leading to dry skin which in turn leads to excess oil (sebum) production.

Sometimes, these skin problems last well into adulthood. The best way to manage problem skin is to find a product or range of products that work for your skin and stick to a consistent daily routine.

A healthy skin routine for teen skin should include regular facials, gentle exfoliation and weekly steams. The importance of a healthy, balanced diet (cut out the sugar!) and regular exercise, especially outdoors, can not be underestimated - just remember, wash your face after sweating as this can also cause breakouts.

Don't forget to wipe down your phone screen regularly with antibacterial wipes as it can harbour bacteria which cause spots. Try not to touch your skin too often during the day - especially easy to do when sitting for long periods at a desk.

Here are 3 home rituals to help clear and calm problem skin

Following a natural, chemical free skincare routine will help to rebalance, clear & calm the skin

Our Teen Duo range has been specially formulated with problem skin in mind. Gentle enough for sensitive, reactive skins but highly effective in controlling breakouts and inflammation. In our research we have found that young, reactive skins respond particularly well to natural skincare and hugely benefit from avoiding harsh chemicals and preservatives.

When mixed with water the Facial Cleansing Gel becomes a light foam that works to gently clean the pores without drying the skin or disrupting the skin barrier. Calming lavender and anti-bacterial tea tree essential oils, work with your skin to help regulate sebum production, reducing spots, inflammation and excess oil production.

The Light Facial Creme contains active ingredients including Cosmetic Prebiotics (encourages good bacteria), Aloe Vera (skin calming) and Q10 Plus to help regulate oil production and soothe the skin. Lightly scented with lavender and lemon essential oils it is easily absorbed into the skin leaving no oily residue.