Detoxifying & Mineralising Bathing Ritual

using our 'Wild Water' Bath Soak

Wild Water is a truly powerful ritual designed to clear the mind and body of toxins and the stresses that build up throughout the day. Follow the steps below to maximise the wellbeing benefits that Wild Water offers and help to nourish your body, mind & soul.

This is a restorative product designed to draw out toxins and metals from the system, and induce deep relaxation. Do not use before a big night out and make sure you are able to rest afterwards. Enhance this sensual ritual with our carefully curated Spotify playlist designed for use during and after your bath.

a powerful bath salt that creates a detox bath, removing metals and remineralising the body
a powerful bath salt that creates a detox bath, removing metals and remineralising the body
salts, chlorella and spirulina act as a powerful detox

Follow our Wild Water Ritual for the ultimate system detox

1. Set the scene: lower the lights, turn on the playlist, light a candle. Disconnect all devices and silence your phone (Spotify excepted!)

2. Drink a large glass of water before the bath and have a litre of mineral water nearby as you will need to hydrate throughout the process.

3. Dry body brush your skin from feet and hands inwards towards the heart to get blood flow moving and start the natural detox process.

4. Run a bath as hot as you can comfortably take it & add 5 heaped tablespoons of the salts to the bath water & disperse by hand to fully dissolve.

5. Relax in the bath for 20-30 minutes, topping up with hot water as required. You can add in some breathing exercises and meditation, close your eyes. Drink plenty of water before, throughout and afterward.

6. Emerge, do not rinse, dry off and wrap yourself in a large towel or dressing gown as you continue to sweat + detoxify. Relax in bed, keeping yourself warm, sip water or  herbal tea such as fennel, ginger or peppermint. You will probably start to sweat. This is good! It may last 20 minutes or so. Your heart may also pound. This is normal!

7. Sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed, revitalised and reset. Shower again to rinse off any residual salts. Enhance the experience by applying Villiers London Lip Butter Balm and treating yourself to Hand + Foot Balm massage ritual after your bath for ultimate relaxation.

This enjoyment of this ritual can be further enhanced by using afterwards our Lip Butter Balm and Hand + Foot Balm

Using the Wild Water Detox Ritual regularly will deliver real health benefits

  • Detoxifies the system, rinses clean the organs
  • Stimulates sweat glands to expel heavy metals, alcohol, nicotine, salt and cholesterol
  • Boosts immune system & aids remineralisation of the body
  • Alleviates symptoms of cold and flu and congestion
  • Relieves stress, increases mental clarity & boosts energy for the next day
  • Soothes tired muscles, warms the extremities, increases blood flow, eases aching joints

French Grey Salt, Dead Sea Salt & Epsom Salts have high mineral content and are proven to help relax muscles, loosen stiff joints and ease any pain or swelling.

Ginger Powder is naturally anti-inflammatory, soothing and warming and stimulates the whole system.

Each bag holds approximately 5 bath treatments.